Art in Motion Commercial Filming

Carl and Elena Schrónez recently shared the process behind the Art in Motion commercials. They are a lovely couple that are definitely on the way up.

Elena’s words about our work as small businesses is truly moving:

For me, one of the things that really stuck out about working with small business owners was the value of making a real, personal connection. So often in our industry, people get caught up in the tasks of producing a film, and forget the humans, the individual people, that we are woking with. The norm in our industry is to use words like “subject” or “talent” when referring to the people you are filming. I’ve been on the other side of the camera before and experienced what its like to start talking to the director and producer minutes before we go on set, and never see them or talk to them again once the shoot is done. But what I learned from this project is that if you are asking a busy person with a lot of life experiences to say something other than their practiced talking points, you have to show that you care. To show that you care, you have to ACTUALLY care, and you have to do the things that you normally do to show people that you care.

We do care!

Our TV spot ran at the same time as two other local businesses to Detroit. The wine and charcuterie business, Brix, and also a nearby family-run restaurant, La Posada.

And you can learn more about how these websites came to be from Hajj Flemings’ Rebrand Cities Project site.