About Us

I’m Kay and my dream is to bring my love of art to Detroit. Art in Motion is where that dream comes to life: it’s place where artists from around the world share their paintings, jewelry, and other crafts with the city of Detroit, and where members of our community can learn to express their own creativity through ceramics.

Art in Motion / Photo by Shawn Lee

I love ceramics because it’s the only art form that requires just two things: you, and the clay. You can turn what’s in your mind and turn that into a piece of art that you can take home with you. It’s a wonderful way to explore your creativity, teach your children about art, or share a special experience with your friends and family.

Come to our store to see our art, support local artists, or take a class! And if you’re a local artist, we may have studio space to rent, or a place to display and sell your wares.

Drop in or Plan a Party

  • Drop-in workshops are scheduled during business hours. Fees start at $10 per person.
  • Private parties for all ages can be scheduled at Art in Motion. Fees start at $10 per person.

Please inquire by telephone (313) 980-1265 at your convenience.

Showcasing 20+ Local Artists